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Netbook with Hard Disk Drive
Netbook with GPS2LT and GPS(400)

This is probably the best data collection system to collect travel time data available today. It uses one of the new netbook style computers, which is smaller than a typical laptop but powerful enough to run GPS2LT software without a hitch. Combine it with a USB style GPS receiver and you have a very simple, very portable way to collect travel time data.

This style has a 160 Gig Hard Disk and a bigger 10.1” screen.

Price: $310.00

Computer Specs:
Acer Aspire One AOA150-1777 Refurbished Netbook or similar (HP and/or ASUS has similar)
Intel Atom Processor N270  1.6GHz
120 GB HDD
10.1” WSVGA screen (1024x600)
Windows XP Home
3 USB ports, video out, WIFI 80211b/g, 10/100 ethernet  webcam, card reader
Battery charger
9.8” x 6.7” x 1.1”
2.2 lbs

Software Installed:
PC-Travel (demo mode)
GPS2LT (demo mode)
PC-LOS (demo mode)
PC-Warrants (demo mode)
USB driver for GPS receiver
Open Office 3 (for word processing, spreadsheet, database,  presentations and more)
Plus all of the standard software that came with the netbook.

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