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New and Used Equipment For Sale

We usually will have a few netbooks, GPS receivers, and remote controls in stock to provide to you if you don’t already have the hardware you need to collect your travel time data. We buy the netbooks (usually on eBay), fix them up as needed, test them, and then make them available to you for a very good price. We don’t really try to make much money on this equipment; we charge just enough to cover our costs. Check this page often to see what is currently in stock.

Netbook with GPS2LT and GPS(125)

These little netbooks are a really good way to collect travel time data. We bought some refurbished netbooks, loaded them with our software, and tested them.

10.1” Netbook with 160 Gig Hard Disk: Price $250. Currently in Stock 1

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Globalsat BU-353 S4 Receiver
This is the GPS receiver that we have used with laptops and netbooks. The BU-353 has a USB connector, which plugs into a USB port on your computer. Power is supplied through the USB port so there is only one cable.
Globalsat BU-353 S4: Price $50.

Kensington 33374 Remote(200)

Kensington Presenter
This little remote makes data collection a little easier and safer since you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to start and stop runs.
Kensinton Presenter: Price $50.