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Here are some sources of information relevant to PC-Travel:


Here are some sources for the hardware you need to buy for travel time studies. You can also usually buy the hardware from us (click here), but we don’t mind if you find your own best deals. If you have any questions about using a specific GPS receiver or whatever, then just ask.

GlobalSat BU-353

This is the GlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB GPS receiver. It is waterproof, has a magnetic mount, and is inexpensive (less than $40).  The S4 model shown here is the model you need if you use a Windows 8 laptop or tablet. Here is a source:


Kensington 33374 Remote(200)

This is the Kensington 33374 Wireless Presenter. This is normally used to control Powerpoint presentations. We have adapted it so that you press one button at the start of the run and the same button at the end of the run; you don’t have to touch your laptop of netbook while driving.   Here is a source for this remote:



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2016 TIGER/Line® Shapefiles

Here is where you can download the shapefiles for your county to use in PC-Travel. The data is free. The Quick Start Manual (available here) shows how to get these files and then format them into files that look good on the map.

TatukGIS Viewer

Here is where you can download the program that we use to format the shapefiles you get free from the Census Bureau or from the Data Distributor Application if you have ArcGIS. Appendix 1 in the PC-Travel Manual shows how to install and use this software.