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PC-Travel 3

What is PC-Travel 3?
PC-Travel 3 is the new version of PC-Travel that will replace version 2 when it is released.

Is this a completely new program?
Yes and No. The software was completely re-written from scratch in a much more modern language than version2, which was originally written in 2000. However the design of the software is still basically the same with the same basic screen design so existing users won't have any problems adapting to the new software. There are a few differences in some of the screens since PCT3 assumes you will use a GPS receiver to collect your field data. So any operations or screens that involved other data collection techniques are not in PCT3.

What are the new features?
There isn't much new yet.

One feature we are working on is expanded use of “Reasons For Delay” which you can collect in the field while collecting the data. This feature has been in Version 2 for a long time but hasn’t been used much because it is a little awkward to collect in the field (you really need a second person in the car), and there isn’t much in PC-Travel to show the “Reasons for Delay” you collect. We are now working with a couple of users who want this feature added and it will be added to the software in the near future. We are planning to use Voice Recognition in the car to enter the Reasons for Delay and to start and stop runs. We also will add a report or two showing this data.

Another new ‘feature’ is the lack of complications running on Windows 7 or newer computers. You don't have to set any odd settings for the software to run the way you expect.

One reason to re-write the software was to make it easier to add new features (the software we used for version 2 was pretty cool in 2000 but awful compared to what we have now). We expect to add new features to version 3 as the opportunity arises. In general all ideas come from users so if you have any thoughts then please let us know.

How much will it cost?
For new users the cost is the same as version 2, $995 typically.

If you still have version 1 then the upgrade price is the same as it has been, $295.

For existing users who have  version 2 it is a free upgrade.

Note: This policy might change if we add several new features to PCT3 that aren’t in PCT2. But until then there isn’t that much of a compelling argument to ask you to pay for an upgrade.

Do I need a new serial number?
Yes. The software is designed to run on the same computer as version 2 in case you want to go back to the other version for some reason (initially this might be a good idea until the bugs are worked out). You can have both versions on the same computer but you will need a separate serial number for PC-Travel 3.

Is it ready now?
Yes and No. We are posting a preliminary version now so users can try the software and let us know about any problems they find and to allow them to comment on what they see. As with any new software there will be initial problems that have to be fixed, but the software is usable now. There is a good chance you will be able to create a study and reports without any problems (knock on wood). Give it a try.