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Thank you for visiting the PC-Travel support site. Here you will find information about the PC-Travel Software Suite and the hardware that is used to collect the field data. Bookmark this site and check back frequently to see what is new.

PC-Travel is a suite of programs. You get all of the programs when you buy the PC-Travel software suite. The main program is PC-Travel and it typically is run in your office to process the data collected in the field. Data is collected with a variety of technologies such as GPS, OBD, or using Jamar TDC8/12 boards. The data collected in the field is organized into runs and studies and the software is used to generate a wide range of reports and graphs to show the various travel time statistics that you require.

You can use GPS receivers to collect your field data using GPS2PDA or GPS2LT software. This is the most common way to collect the field data now and PC-Travel has been updated to take advantage of the positional data you get with GPS receivers; mapping your data is now an integral part of the software.

Sometimes GPS receivers are not a good choice for your data collection efforts. You can also use a variety of OBD based instruments to collect your data using OBD2PDA or OBD2LT software. OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics and uses instruments designed to collect a multitude of vehicle data from the vehicle’s computer, including the speed of the vehicle at any given moment. Our software uses this speed data to generate the data needed for PC-Travel and PC-LOS.

You also may already have a Jamar TDC 8/12 board. You can use this board with a standard transmission sensor used with DMIs (Distance Measuring Instruments) to collect your travel time data. This was the original way data was collected for PC-Travel before GPS receivers became cost effective and before OBD interfaces existed. It now is not the first choice for most customers but if you already have the boards and have vehicles with transmission sensors, then it might make sense to use them.

About the web site:

This site will develop over time to include information about all of the software and all of the hardware used with PC-Travel. The software will be available for download on the Downloads page. This includes version 1 software as well as the newer version 2 software. You can also download all manuals and other documents from that page. There will be tutorials in the Tutorials section that you can view on your computer to learn about the software and hardware. There also is a section called Equip for Sale where you can buy GPS receivers and/or PDAs or laptops that we buy and recondition just for this purpose. The Links page has links to vendors that sell the GPS receivers, remote controls, PDAs, etc. that are used with PC-Travel.

There is a Contact Us page where you can sign up for periodic newsletters about new features in PC-Travel. You can also fill out the form to ask us any question. And of course you can always call us during regular business hours to discuss anything about the software and how to use it.

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