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GPS2LT Screenshots

GPS2LT (GPS To Laptop)  is the software you use to collect the field data to be processed in the office with PC-Travel or PC-LOS. You connect a standard GPS receiver to the laptop, typically to a USB port and put the GPS receiver on the roof of the car. The software is simple; there are only two screens.

GPS2LT Preferences

This is the first screen you see when you run the program. You can set the name of the file for the data you collect and where to store it on the laptop. You can also set some parameters for the GPS receiver you are using as well as a few options for the program.

GPS2LT Data Collection

Data Collection Screen
This is the screen you see when you are collecting the data. Before you start a run (typically the car is off the road and at rest) you can check to make sure the GPS data is received properly. Then you can start a run and begin driving. You don’t need to pay much attention to what is on this screen while you are driving; if the background is green, then you are collecting good data.

These two screens just give you a brief introduction to the GPS2LT software. To learn more about the software you can download the various programs and try them out. They will install in a Demo mode, which is the full program but slightly crippled so it can’t be used for real studies. You can also download the PC-Travel Manual which has complete descriptions of the programs and how to use them. You also can view the tutorials on the Tutorials page which provide more information about different aspects of the software.