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Thank you for visiting the PC-Travel support site. Here you will find information about the PC-Travel Software Suite and the hardware that is used to collect the field data.

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 What’s New?

Posted new tutorial on the Tutorials page that shows how to create a map project using free data from the www.OpenStreetMaps.org project. This is particularly useful for projects outside the US.

Posted version 2.2.13 to the Downloads page. This version adds a new feature on the map screen to allow you to copy node names and distances from another run. This saves some time when processing runs in opposite directions (which is typically the case). There is a tutorial on the Tutorials page to show how this works. You also can export data to an .xls file from three different screens that show plot data so you can take the plot data and create your own graphs for your reports. There is a tutorial on the Tutorials page to show how this works as well. Finally, there is a setting now in the Preferences: Default Values tab to force you to edit the Run Date on the View GPS Data screen. This primarily applies to users of data loggers where the date of the runs is not available in the run data.

Posted version 2.2.11 to the Downloads page. This version adds a new ‘auto trim’ feature to the map screen to help you trim your runs faster. There is a tutorial on the Tutorials page to show how this works. This version also has code to allow you to change the Study Date to use either the current date or the date of the first run in the study.

Posted version 2.2.1 to the Downloads page. This version adds support for the Ten and Two video travel time system (www.L2DataCollection.com).

Posted a revised “Introduction to GPS2LT2” tutorial to the Tutorials page that explains the basics of collecting data in the field with a GPS receiver and a laptop/netbook

Posted a “Quick Start Guide to PC-Travel” pdf on the Downloads page. This guides shows how to install and setup GPS2LT2 and PC-Travel. It also shows how to download and install maps used to edit the run data.

Beta version of 2.2.0 posted. This version has several new features on the map screen. It also supports DataLoggers, which are self-contained GPS receivers that don’t require laptop computers in the field. This version also has many bug fixes.

Posted two new tutorials, one on the new features on the map screen and one on how to use a DataLogger. See the Tutorials page.

Version 2.1.6 of PC-Travel is posted. Fixed bug in Average Plot in Spd vs Distance for All Runs plot. Fixed bug in Export to Spreadsheet code so numbers are properly exported as numbers (not text). Modified code so that if variable Normal Speeds are used the reports don’t show message about Normal Speed (to avoid confusion).

Version 2.1.5 of PC-Travel is posted. Fixed misc little bugs in Metric mode support.

Version 2.1.4 of PC-Travel posted to Downloads page. This version has a few bug fixes in the mapping code. Also posted are updates to GPS2PDA and GPS2LT.

Version 2.1.0 of PC-Travel Software Suite released. This is the first ‘non-demo’ version of the new software. Get yours on the Downloads page. You can download and install the software today without a serial number: the software installs as a Demo version, which is the full working version with a few features disabled or crippled so that you can’t use it to do real studies, but you can see exactly how it works on your computer. Also on the Downloads page are the new PC-Travel Manual and PC-LOS Manual for the software, which have detailed tutorials on how to install and use the software.

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